General Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete repair is a general term used to describe the re-surfacing, removal and/or replacement of deteriorated or broken concrete. Cracking, spalling, lifting, flaking and hollow sounding concrete are all symptoms of deterioration.

The presence of salt can make things even worse. Although residential structures are not exposed to these elements like commercial infrastructures are, there are still areas of our homes we need to pay attention to. Garage and basement floors, foundation walls, entry stoops and sidewalks, pool patios, bulkheads and even concrete driveways are all susceptible to concrete deterioration if not installed or protected properly.

In general, the cost of a concrete repair project is directly related to how long the problem has been neglected. Address any issues you may have sooner than later. If you have any of these symptoms or would like to know more about how to protect your concrete, please contact us for a free consultation.

Foundation Crack Repair

Prior to the mid 1970’s, most residential foundations were built using CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) block commonly know as Cinder Block. Since then, solid poured concrete foundations have become the choice for most builders here in SW. Florida due to their superior strength, longevity, and cost. Cracking is the most common form of poured concrete failure and the repair options can vary depending upon symptoms, intended use, design strength, functionality and of course, cost.

Foundation Crack Repair - And What Causes It?

Foundation wall cracks occur in Florida homes as a result of only a few causes. One is concrete shrinkage. Water is released into the air as concrete goes through the curing (hardening) process. If there is excessive water in the mixy, the concrete may shrink to a level which causes a crack. This is the least significant form of cracking as it relates to a foundation, and very common in concrete structures built today.

The second most common cause for a foundation crack stems from a excessive force being applied to the concrete. A force is some kind of pressure or load applied to the concrete which results in a failure like a crack. Some common forces large enough to cause this type of cracking may be a result of structure settlement, improper site drainage, premature site backfilling, or the use of expansive soils for backfilling.

Here are just a few of samples of cracked concrete

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Driveway to Pavers

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Slab